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Take advantage of Canada's green rush! LumaGro is an indoor grow supply store. This franchise opportunity allows you to sell high-quality indoor hydroponic growing equipment such as tents, lights, carbon filter kits, and more. 


There is plenty of room in the market for franchises to expand and serve the current and fast growing gym member population! If you're passionate about fitness and well-being, Fitness 1440 could be the franchise opportunity
you're looking for!

NOVEMBER 2018: The latest franchise news

Buying an established business? There are right ways and wrong ways to do a deal - The Globe and Mail
Chocolats Favoris' Dominique Brown recommends buyers do a lot of due diligence before making an offer, hire the right professionals and treat founders who are selling with respect. READ MORE

Six lessons from the CEO of a hyper-growth restaurant franchise
With 25 current locations and 40 more already in development, Copper Branch’s trajectory is nothing short of extraordinary. The CEO shares his lessons from this journey. READ MORE

Distributorship or Franchise? 
Franchisors and distributors should understand the differences between provincial legislative schemes when deciding whether or not to provide franchise disclosure. READ MORE

Foodora teams up with 7-Eleven for delivery
foodora has joined forces with food and convenience store juggernaut 7-Eleven to bring a variety of items right to customers' doors. READ MORE

The pros and cons of beginning your business venture as a franchisee
Under a franchise you’re operating under someone else’s predetermined manual. You’re coming into a fully formed business and operating that rather than developing your own business from the ground up. READ MORE

Denny's Announces Development Commitments in Canada
Through both an expansion of existing development commitments and development agent rights, Denny's will bring over 50 additional restaurants to Canada. READ MORE

Tim Hortons launches kids' menu in push to return to its roots
Tim Hortons has launched its first kids’ menu across Canada, an apparent attempt to claw families away from competitors such as McDonalds. READ MORE

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